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Oct 29, 2019

Hi! I have an unusual set up for our assessment questions. If learners get the first question wrong, they get the option of doing a back up question. If they get it right, they can move on to the next question or slide. The questions are built throughout the course (not all at the end). My client would like LMS data on each question. We also need to have a passing grade of 80% (or really just a minimum of 8 questions right). The issue here is that depending on how they do, the learners might do 10 questions (ei they got everything right on the first try) or they might have to do anywhere between 11-20 questions if they get some wrong. The passing grade doesn't change but the math would. I think the only way I can get data on every question is to use a Results slide, correct? If so, can I also use a button that would send a variable for pass/complete for the grade? If I just use the Results slide I don't think the passing grade will be correct since it's a percentage. The other idea is that I've done this with branching which is really easy...go to slide 3 if correct, slide 2 if incorrect but there might be some way to do it with layers so that there's technically only one slide. It would be a lot of manual building though. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Natasha!

I'm not sure what you mean by data on each slide. You could use variables to countdown the number of questions if you are looking for a way to display progress.

You're right about Storyline communicating with an LMS through Results Slides. An LMS will only track one Results Slide. In that case, you can add multiple results slides to a course, but the LMS will only track the score of one.

Natasha Bomba

By data, I mean the detailed reporting data...what a learner got wrong etc. I think I've figured out a way to do it with the question banks. Each question with it's back up question is in a bank. If they get it right, they skip to the next bank or regular slide. If they get it wrong, they go to the back up question in the bank. Then the multiple banks pull to one Result slide. Since the Result slide is set up to connect to Banks I'm hoping it will understand how to calculate when we don't always go through all the questions. 

In a related matter, do I need a result slide in order to get the data on all the questions (eg which questions they got wrong, what they chose etc.) or if I use the publishing options of # of slides completed or a trigger to submit, will all the same and complete data be sent to the LMS? Our partners want a detailed report of all the questions. 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Natasha!

I see what you're saying! Thank you for clarifying.

To report the exact answers from the questions, you'll want to create a custom report in your LMS. This data is sent from Storyline 360 but it's up to the LMS to display.

The following information is communicated to learning management systems (LMSs) by Articulate Storyline SCORM and AICC content:

    • id: Storyline sends a series of data for this string to identify the Scene#, the QuestionDraw# (if applicable), and the Slide# in that particular scene or question draw.
    • type: This is the type of question (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, etc).
    • student_response: This is how the learner answered the question.
    • correct_response: This is the correct answer for the question.
    • result: This designates whether the learner answered the question correctly or not.
    • weighting: Articulate content doesn't currently utilize this item. It'll always be set to 1.
    • latency: This is how long it took the learner to answer the question.
    • objective: Articulate content doesn't currently utilize this item. It'll always be set to 0.

    Tip: To send question text to your LMS, publish for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (also called Experience API or xAPI).

Natasha Bomba

In the second bullet of the screenshot above, it mentions tracking using a quiz result and to choose the quiz if you have more than one. I don't have multiple stand alone quizzes, but I have multiple question banks. It seems to work in preview mode but do you know if the data reported will pull from multiple banks for an overall result? 

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