Reporting back to examiners

Hello all;

I'm creating a test within a project in which the learner must complete 4 essay questions (which need to be hand-marked) and 10 MCQs.

At the end of the test they will get a message telling them they will be notified of the result.

- When they submit, the free-text answers and the score in the MCQ's needs to be sent to our team for marking. If we decide they have passed, we need to be able to change their LMS status to reflect this

- A further part of the training module will become accessable once they have passed.

I'm exploring ways to send their answers to the markers - as far as I can see, either I would write a JavaScript to compile the TextEntry fields,  and Results.ScorePercent and mail it to us, or we need to extract the results from our LMS via a special query - is there other ways of doing this?



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Steve Flowers

Hey Adam - 

What LMS are you using? We've used Essay type survey questions to report interactions. It's not super convenient for feedback. 

The other way I've recommended doing this in the past is splitting the output and sending both to the LMS (formal record) and to another mechanism like a Google Spreadsheet that would provide a neat way to notify the instructor that something new has been submitted and to track within the spreadsheet what the feedback was and the overall grade. There are a few examples in the forums of how to set this up.

Adam Bayliss

Hi Steve;

Our LMS is NetDimensions - I'm actually more familiar with Moodle etc.

You've hit the nail on the head - the reason I'm not happy with the going into the LMS and extracting a report is the not knowing when people have submitted their test. Mind you, I suppose I could just attach a mailto link on the submit button and they could notify us manually that way. Thanks for your input!