Repositioning Previous and Next buttons

Jul 24, 2014

Hi -

Is there a way to customize Player to move the Previous button to the left of the Player window instead of having it beside the Next button? I have some slides where I have removed the Next button to force an interaction, but want to leave the Previous button visible as an option. WIth both buttons justified right, the Previous button moves over into the Next button slot, and is too easy to click thinking you are moving forward.


Steve Hazelton

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

I'm afraid not - when the "Previous" and "Next" buttons are enabled, they are static.

If you're not a fan of the position or these buttons, you could consider using custom buttons in your slides, or even on your Slide Master.

Here are some discussions that might help, if you're interested in using custom buttons:

Custom Next/Prev Buttons - E-Learning Heroes

How to make your own custom next/previous buttons

Also, if you'd like to see additional options for the player's buttons in a future version or update of Storyline, I recommend sharing your feedback with our development team.

Thanks and best of luck on the project!


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