Reset interaction work around

I have found a workaround, but hoping there is a more elegant way to achieve this...

I have a drag and drop exercise with 2 attempts. It has an introduction/instruction message and animations that I don't want repeated when they do "try again".

My workaround is to make it one attempt and then if they get it wrong, the try again button causes a jump to a duplicate slide with the same interaction but no introduction or animations (so it looks just like it reset).

Then, if they get it wrong again or correct, it just jumps to the next slide with the appropriate correct/incorrect feedback.

Do any of you see any flaws in doing it this way? Is there a more elegant way to reset an interaction?

Thank you all!


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Joanne Chen

Hi Victoria,

I think it is not bad for learners to see what their first time choice before doing the second try. However, if you really want the slide to be reset, you can do a little trick by adding variables and triggers below. 

  1. Add a numeric variable, e.g. q1attempt, with initial value to zero.
  2. On base layer Trigger: Add 1 to variable q1attempt  when user clicks submit BTN.
  3. On Try Again layer Trigger: Jump to the same question slide When the user clicks Try Again BTN on the condition of q1attamp is Less than 2.
  4. On Try Again layer Trigger: Show layer Incorrect When the timeline starts on the condition of q1attamp is equal to 2. 
  5. Set slide property to  "Reset to initial state" when revisiting.