'Reset only Incorrect questions changes pass mark points

Hi All, 

I have a 10 question quiz, pass mark is 80%. Each question is worth 10 points so 80 points is a pass. The quiz worked fine (percentage wise) until I added the 'Reset only Incorrect questions' options for the resetting the results slide action . After doing that, it shows a pass mark required of 800 points !  so a score of 5/10 - displays 5% passmark. An ideas what is going on? 

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Joanne Chen

Hi Nick,

If you want to have users retake a quiz with only incorrect questions, you'd better only show the persentage without points. For example, if a user got 70% correct the first time and retake the quiz, there will be only 3 questions in the new quiz. And in this new quiz, the user need to get them all correct to pass.