Resetting a Variable

Nov 12, 2021

Hello all,

I need help with re-setting a variable.

I have a eLearning course in Storyline where the user has a choice at the beginning to take the course or take the quiz.

The functionality of the course is the user will go through the slides, then take the quiz, if they fail the quiz the first time they can take the quiz a second time. If they fail the quiz a second time they have to take the full course again from the beginning, and that cycle will repeat, after every quiz they fail twice they have to retake the course.

The first cycle works fine, the user only has the option if they fail once to retry the quiz, then after two attempts the Retake Course button appears.

But after that, the Retake Quiz and Retake Course buttons to not reset to the original function.

I have attached a striped down version of the storyline file to better explain with what I am trying to accomplish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Walt Hamilton

When the learner clicks the Retake Course button, create triggers to reset those two variables. be sure to place them in the trigger list BEFORE the jump to scene 1 trigger.

If you still have problems, it may be a timing issue. In that case, I would also set the Retry Quiz and Retake Course buttons to have an initial state of Disabled, rather than setting them when the timeline starts. Be sure to set the Results slide to reset to initial state, if you do that.