Resource Document Links not Opening in a New Tab

Dec 29, 2021

I have a PDF with linked text that I'm including in my resources.  When I open the PDF from the Resources tab and click the links, they do not open in new windows. 

I can't tell if this is a limitation of the software, or if I've done something incorrectly in setting up my PDF.  

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Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Deidra!

There isn't a setting in Storyline to force a resource link to open in a new window, as those options are browser and LMS-specific.

If you're publishing to an LMS, I'd recommend testing your course with SCORM Cloud with a few different browsers. Check out this step-by-step article!

You can then contact your LMS to see if there are settings you can change on their end to open links in new windows.

Here's a related discussion with a JavaScript solution that will hopefully help. I'll open the floor to the folx in the community to chime in with other ideas!

Deidra Phillips

Thanks, Becca.  Using JavaScript won't be an option for us as we are building this for a client.  I do want to make sure I'm explaining myself properly before I tell the client that I can't do what they want.

I have a PDF in the Resources tab.  The PDF contains linked text.  When I open the PDF from the Resources tab, it opens in my browser.  I know that some browsers will automatically download the document.  For those that don't, I'm trying to get the links in the PDF (while it's open in the browser) to open in new tabs.

Can you confirm that this is not within my control inside of Storyline?

Jose Tansengco

Hello Cindy,

Happy to chime in!

The behavior to open links in a new tab or window is entirely controlled by the browser which means there isn't a setting that can be modified in Storyline 360 to change this. I'd recommend getting in touch with your IT staff to see if they can change how links are opened in your browser to your preference.