Resources and external links help. Thank you!

Jan 16, 2020

The stakeholder is having issues in accessing the Resources (PDFs) in my module. Here is what they are asking. I hope you guys can help. Thank you!


1. Can all External Links Open in new Tab as I had much difficulty in re-launching the training after I clicked an external link. 


2. Can all PDF icons on respective slides  directly open the specific document in a new tab?) Also can all PDF documents and external links be grouped together under resource tab on every slide? 


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Randy Hill

You can control how each link launches via the trigger wizard for the hyperlink. Under Browser options select Display in new browser window.

As for grouping items on the resources tab, the resources tab is a player wide setting. If there is a slide that is not displaying the resources tab it is because you have it turned off in slide properties. I would make sure those are all set to default.

Phil Mayor

PDFs are really dependent on the browser, some will display if the browser has a pdf plugin (Android Chrome does not) those that do not have the plugin will download the PDF.  If you want them to open in all browsers (including Android phones) you really need to host them on google docs make them public and then use the embed link inside an insert video from web.

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