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Jan 10, 2017

I have uploaded 2 resources (both word documents) into the Player following the instructions in the Attaching Resources tutorial (clicking add, entering a title, selecting file, browsing to find the file and clicking save etc.). The Resources seem to work fine in preview mode (screen shot attached) but when I published it to the Web (for my SME to review) it did not work properly (screen shot attached) - when you click on the word Resources an up and down arrow appears to the right of the word Resources instead of a window opening showing the resources. So I assume that it may not work correctly when I publish it to LMS either. Can anyone offer any guidance or assistance on this before I provide the files to our LMS team?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Darlene!

Thanks for sharing the screenshot of what you're seeing! Can you confirm that you're using a supported browser to view the published content? For example, I've seen the issue happen when viewing HTML5 output in IE for example, which is not supported as the documentation indicates. 

If you are using a supported browser and you're still having issues, would you mind attaching your file here so I can test it on my end? 

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