Resources missing from published story

Mar 13, 2017


I have a number of resources I want to make available to delegates. I've attached them to the story using the Resources tab under the Player. They are all PDFs.

When I publish the story, an external_files directory is created under the story-content directory, but the external_files directory is empty. If I manually copy the PDFs into the external_files directory in the published story, they can be accessed from the Resources tab within the published story as expected.

So Storyline 2 knows there are resources, it knows their names, it expects to find them in the external_files directory into the published story, but it doesn't actually publish these resources.

Does anyone have any clues?

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Linda Lorenzetti

Did you attach the files locally from your own computer, or did someone else add them?

If I add files to the resources tab and then someone else uses the working file, the links to the resources will be broken and will need to be re-linked.  This is because the links are made directly to my computer and not anyone elses.

If this isn't the case, I'm not sure why it's not working.

Geoff Rankins

Hi Linda

I do most development work on a desktop PC, but also use a Surface Pro to make use of commute time. The relative paths to the resources on both machines are identical, but the absolute paths are different. I think your reply means that Storyline 2 uses an absolute file reference for resources, which is broken if I change machines.

Because Storyline 2 doesn't handle large stories, I have had to split most of my courses into smaller sessions, linked by a menu. In the current course, I have over 15 sessions each needing access to 5 PDFs. So for this course, before I publish it, I'll have to re-establish 75 file references, every time I publish it.

How do I raise this behaviour as a bug?

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