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Dec 10, 2015

Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some insights / suggestions re the use of the Resources feature and the error message that I've been receiving.

Long story short, I'm building a course in Storyline 2 and I've uploaded a number of reference docs (from my C-drive) for learners to have access to throughout a course via the Resources feature (upper right corner of the course).  Although I apparently couldn't test this functionality while previewing the course, now that I've published, I've attempted to test it via an executable (before putting it on my company's LMS).  I'm getting an error message when I try to launch any of the docs ("Cannot find... Make sure the path or internet address is correct").  Surprised to get this error as I followed the Articulate directions to a t.

Any suggestions to correct this would be greatly appreciated.


Corey K. 

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Corey Klein

Thanks for your thoughts so far, Brian and Hardeep. 

Brian - I didn't know there was an area in Articulate to test courses.  I'll have to check that out.

Hardeep - I just checked that folder and the files are NOT in there (in fact, nothing is).  Should I just copy and paste them in there to get them to work? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Corey,

I'd agree that testing in the intended environment is the best option to ensure that everything is working correctly. If you've added the files to your Resources tab they should be in the folder as Brian mentioned.

As far as using Tempshare, it's a great tool created by one of our staff during a hackathon (forever ago!) but it still works really well. It's just not officially supported and courses will disappear after 10 days. There are a few other options mentioned in this article. 

Corey Klein

Thanks for that info, Ashley and Brian. 

I went back to Storyline, deleted the docs, and then re-uploaded them from another location on my C-drive.  In the process, I also shortened their names and removed any characters that might cause a snag (like the "&" symbol).  I then republished the executable (just to see if it might work before I publish to LMS or the web), and sure enough, the resources all work now.  So, I'm not sure which step corrected it (placing and accessing the docs from a new location or changing their names), but I'm back in business!

Corey Klein

Well, I think I spoke too soon.  I'd uploaded 5 docs to the Reference Materials (Resources) section of my course.  3 pdfs and 2 excel files.  The pdfs are working fine, but the excel docs won't actually open.  I get an error message stating that they cannot be found...  What's really weird is that they're sitting in the exact same folder on my C-drive as the pdfs  - - - and don't have any weird characters in their names.   Frustrating!  Any ideas? 



Brian Allen

After publishing have you verified that your Excel documents are in the story_content\external_files folder?  Definitely check this before uploading for web testing...  If the documents are not located in that folder after publishing you may need to submit a ticket with Articulate support to see what's going on.

Brian Allen

Could be a couple of things... It's possible that the server you're uploading them to does not allow excel documents, and they're being excluded from your upload (although I doubt this).

Another possibility is that Excel isn't set up as a mime type for your server?  I've never heard of this, but it used to occasionally happen with certain types of video files... again, this is probably not the issue.

Most likely the issue is that you're running into a browser problem of some kind.  Have you tried it with different browsers, if so is it happening with all of them?

Just brainstorming, though...  I've never run into this problem, but hopefully someone here in the community has and can provide a little more of a concrete solution.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Corey,

Sorry for my delay here - and I see Leslie shared information with you as well. I did want to double check, are you running into this issue or another user? If it's another user you'll also want to make sure they have Excel installed - as they'll need the correct software to open each file type. I personally have tested with Excel docs before, so I know that they've worked recently - if you're still running into issues after double checking what Leslie and I shared - let us know! 

Corey Klein

Update - When I click on an excel doc in the Resources section, it prompts me to either open, save, or save as.  If I try to open it, I get an error message.  If I save it to a folder on my C-drive, it does so and I CAN open the doc without any problem.  That's promising, but I obviously want the learner to be able to open it immediately upon clicking it in the Resources section of the course.

Brian Allen

It's easy to install an alternate browser on your laptop for testing, if you don't have one installed on it already.  I normally test in both IE (newest version) and Chrome.

If you have separate work and home laptops you may be able to use both machines for testing, or you may do what I do sometimes and phone a friend :)

Good luck

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