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I am trying to use a player with information in the Resources tab across multiple courses. However, the information in the Resources tab is not carrying over. Support says this is the way Storyline works. Does anyone know how to do this? When I create a player and save it to disk then open it in another course the information I entered into the Resources tab is gone. Thanks for any help!!

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Josh Uhlig

The information in the player tab is saved in the specific presentation, not on the player itself.  You might consider creating a base presentation with the correct resources, then use that as your starting point for each presentation.  You won't be able to transfer the resources to an existing presentation the way you are trying to do it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rich,

If you want to re-use the same set of resources in another project, an easy way to do that is to save your project as a Storyline template. Then, when you're ready to begin a new project, use that template as your starting point by choosing From project template on the Storyline launch screen. When you repurpose content this way, the player customizations on the template (including any Resources you've added) become part of the new project. If you later add, delete, or change any of the resources, those changes won't automatically carry over to other projects in which you've used the same resources. You'll need to make the same changes in each project. 

For more information on working with the Resources in the Player, please review this tutorial.