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Tim Macdermot

Hi all, i understand Rise is your answer to truly responsive content, but what irks me the most with it is that i have clients with certain branding guidelines and font types for their content which seems i wont be able to achieve when building in Rise? How on earth did the developers of this product not understand that we might need this flexibility? I love how simple it is and easy to use but seriously you need to be able to customize much more of the content.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim, 

We're working on some new features to Rise that would answer some of these customization items. For example, custom Fonts and font colors - scheduled for Q3 (July - Sept) this year. 

Are there other areas you'd like to see updates or changes? I'd love to know a bit more and you can share here or send along a Feature requests here.

If you’re wondering what happens when you submit a feature request, here’s our process.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

If you lock the orientation for the course as a whole that will also impact videos that you insert into your course. You could try linking to the videos so that they'd open as a separate window or tab and that one would allow you to turn it landscape and use the video controls (say on Youtube) to launch it full screen.

John Mackenzie

Hi , I have found that that is not true. It may be a moodle 3.2 issue but my 360 presentations are lplaying OK on an ipad but the controls on the phone are no longer showing on the right but out of screen underneath. This wasn't the case when you first developed 360. Have you changed something or is na operating system update not compatible with your product

Alyssa Gomez

Hey John, sorry that's happening! Let's test your course in another LMS environment, to be sure. If you don't see the problem there, then we know that this issue is Moodle-related.

Upload you published zip file to SCORM Cloud, then test it on your mobile device. If you'd like me to help you with that testing, just attach your file here and I'll take care of the rest. 😊

John Fitchett

Is it on the Storyline roadmap to be able to also make slide content responsive?

This is a really important feature that I am sure everyone needs if they plan to build courses that are more than just slides. I have already put in a feature request, but want to know if there is a chance for this feature to appear soon?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Storyline 360 and Studio 360 content is delivered via a responsive player.

This was the intent of our team, because we feel strongly it's the only approach that works for slide-based courses because the relative position of content matters in slide-based courses. This is in comparison to Captivate’s responsive solution which requires course authors to tweak slides for every device learners use, which is difficult, tedious, and cumbersome. You end up building the same course over and over.

For an example in Storyline, if you build a slide with a person pointing at a map, you don’t want the map repositioned above the person’s head when the slide is viewed on a phone. With the responsive player, you can rest assured that the slide-based content you build in Storyline 360 will work perfectly without you tweaking a thing. This video overview has a nice look at how we've set this up and why.

On the other hand, we know that some authors need courses that are fully responsive and aren't restricted to slide designs. For that we built Rise, a web-based, course-authoring tool that produces inherently responsive courses. Every Rise lesson was designed with mobile in mind. What this means is that the entire course and its content automatically adapt to any screen size and orientation.

Hope that helps clarify our position on responsive design! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Not at this time - if you have yet to test out Articulate 360 to see how the responsive player works and how Rise is responsive, I'd suggest starting a trial! It's a great experience within both tools and provides the best experience with the content.

Also, looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it. 

John Fitchett

Hi Ashley

That is a shame as while Rise is good for some projects, Storyline and the levels of interactivity possible just can't be done in Rise.

Anyway I have added it as a feature request, but very sad to hear it doesn't seem to be on the radar. In all honesty this puts us in a position where we will have to re-evaluate our use of Storyline....  If there is anything we can do to boost this, would love to know.

Darren McNeill

Hoping for some new options in Storyline as there has been a lull in any new features. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we have had to unfortunately revert back to Captivate for the moment as Rise, which I had high hopes for, is lacking in functions and features while having the web page format that is excellent, but unusable in a corporate environment at the moment

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren, 

Storyline 360 has received a bunch of updates and new features since it's release last year.  A lot of this has been driven by customers sharing in ELH what they wanted and needed to be productive! Just in the last few months we've added:

  • Articulate 360 Teams Slides - making it easy to collaborate on projects and maintain consistent design themes.
  • The ability to create and edit closed captions right in Storyline 360. 
  • Supports for XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0, which work with more translation tools and give translators more information.
  • The option to work with tables directly in Storyline 360 
  • Updates to course navigation/restriction so you can now choose whether it impacts just the course menu or also disables the Previous and Next buttons. And you can use triggers to override restricted navigation for individual slides. 
  • Courses published for CD are now HTML5-only, so learners no longer need Flash plugins (to help move away from Flash

I'd love to know more about what new features you'd like to see in Storyline and/or Rise! We're working hard to make sure Articulate 360 is a product you love! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Math, 

As an individual, you can still purchase a Teams subscription and there are a lot of benefits to doing so! You can see the additional features at the bottom of this chart

                                                                              Individual                          360 Teams

Our Sales team is happy to talk through the upgrade cost or ways in which you could utilize the 360 for Teams! You can reach out to them here. 

Diego Molina

Hi, I am about to make a decision on what authoring tool I need to buy and this post left me worried. If I create a course with SL, can the students see it and use it on a mobile device? From what I understand they can only do that if they have an app downloaded to their mobile phone o tablet, am I right? Thanks!