Responsive question bank selection

Hi there.

Is there a simple way to tell a question bank which questions to use based on a variable? I want to have a custom set of questions based on a variable I've got set up in the course. If the variable is true, the learner will have a different set of questions than if it's false.

I was originally planning on having two separate question banks, but then I remembered that Storyline can only report one results slide to the LMS, so that option has gone out the window.

I did see a thread on here where it sounded like it might be possible, but involved a very convoluted and complex process, and I'm trying to simplify our workflow, so hoping there's an easier method.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Tom!

I like the idea of using a variable to control which questions appear in the question bank! You'll find that you can only trigger the Question Bank as a whole rather than the questions in the Question Bank.

I know we have Instructional Designers in the community who could offer specifics and examples for how to create this.

I'm excited to follow this thread!