Restart layer timeline with a button

Jun 02, 2017

I have a slide with a comic book-like scene between two characters. There is no audio; the learners read callout text boxes to follow the conversation.

The base layer has some introductory information, followed by the conversation.

There is a Replay Conversation button on the base layer which shows the Conversation layer when clicked.  This Conversation layer contains just the exchange between the characters (sans intro information). All of this works beautifully. 

However, I want the learner to be able to replay the scene as many times as they want, and I cannot figure out how to replay the timeline on the Conversation layer.

Is there a way? I have tried to "show" the layer again (and set the layer properties to reset to initial state"), I've tried to pause and resume the timeline (yes, I know, but I was desperate!)

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Graham Grether

I believe I have an alternative way of achieving a "reset audio track to start" using a button which you might like to try out.

I have a single audio commentary on a slide which is triggered to start automatically when the  slide opens. This slide has only a base layer, and I placed buttons to pause and play (or resume) the audio which work fine using the triggers provided.

Buttons 1,3,5

However I wanted the audience to be able to reset the audio to the start in case they wanted to listen to the audio over again for any reason. I tried inserting a button (Button 5) which reset the timeline to zero "Jump to time 0s on this slide When the user clicks Button 5". I also tried using a Cue point with the point set at zero. It sort of worked, but I had to press the button twice to make it work.

So I added a trigger to:

"Stop audio Audio 1 When the user clicks Button 5"

and placed it before the trigger

"Jump to time 0s on this slide When the user clicks Button 5"

Button 5 Triggers

This seems to work. The issue appears to be that you cannot set the timeline back to zero whilst the audio is still playing - you have to stop it first.

Now I'm a newbie here, and I may have missed something, but, to me, it seems a little simpler and more intuitive than creating an extra layer just to retrigger the audio track.

Thoughts anyone?


Andrew Ford

Hey Community! I am having a similar issue with this and need some help! I have my main slide that has 4 buttons that trigger 4 layers. Within my layer slides, I have audio and textual items with a built in "pause" before the learner clicks a "close" button which resumes the timeline and the layer exits the screen. Now when I get back to my main screen and I go click on the same button, the layer doesn't trigger once again. How can I make that happen?

Walt Hamilton

Technically, the layers do show again when you click the buttons,. The problem is that you have left it to SL to decide how the layer should look when you revisit it:


Since everything had an exit animation, SL is choosing to set the layer to the saved state on revisit. The saved state is where everything has done its exit animation. Change it to Return to initial state on Revisit.

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