Restarting a layer

Aug 20, 2013

Hi there

I have a base layer with three images on the right hand side. Each image triggers a different layer.

Each layer has quite a lot of animation on it, and I want the user to be able to restart the timeline of the layer that they are already on, so that they can watch the animation again, if for example, they miss the first few seconds of it.

Currently, this is only possible if you select another layer and then return to the layer that you want to see again (I have set triggers on each layer, over each of the images, so that you can move from one layer to another regardless of which layer you are currently on).

I have tried adding a trigger to 'show layer' when you select the area/picture that initially started the current layer, but it does not work. I've also tried playing around with 'reset to initial state' in the settings, but it seems to be I can still only restart the layer bty moving away from it and then reselecting it.

Does anyone know if its possible to achieve what I'm trying to do?

Thank you!

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I am not sure why your logic isn't working either with the reset to initial state.

I just played with this for a minute and a workaround would be to go to a transition layer that is blank.  Have a trigger on that layer that says go to layer "whatever" when timeline starts on the transition layer.  I attached a sample.


Mike Enders

Hi Julia, and welcome to the Heroes community!

I see what you're trying to do and I think I have a solution!

First, the reason it's not working is that the layer is already open, so Storyline is thinking "hey, this layer is already open so we're all good right?" It's sort of like a light switch.  You've already turned it pushing the switch in the same direction won't reset the light.

The solution is to have the layer close and then reopen.  To do this, on the base layer image that opens the corresponding layer (let's call it layer 01) you'll add another trigger before the show layer trigger.

Trigger 01: Hide Layer 01

Trigger 02: Show Layer 01

This will reset the layer for you and allow it to replay.  I've attached a short sample.

I hope this helps!


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