Restore on mouse leave issue

Oct 06, 2014

I'm trying to build a pie chart, that upon hover over a section, moves that section apart from the pie and makes information appear.  Then I want that to go back to normal when I move off of it. I did this by making the pie group move on a motion path upon hover, and having text appear at the end of the animation.

However, even though the box that says restore on mouse leave, when I leave it jumps back to the original position and does the animation again.  This leaves my slice floating when I want it to return to its usual position. 

Is this a bug? Any idea how to fix it?

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Andy Whitman

Joanna used States to get at what you are trying to accomplish. You can do that without a hotspot but it is still an inconvenient workaround that I've also had to use. I don't know why the motion path situation doesn't work, so back to your original question, it's either a glitch or something that no one has figured out yet. 

But yeah, just create hover states for each piece of the pie and set the state to change when it's hovered over.

Matt McGee

Hey Joanna and Walter,

Thanks for your help! The states effect isn't really what I was looking for because I wanted the smooth transition from one to the other.  In the end though, I settled for adding a click trigger rather than a hover, as it doesn't have that bug. 

I did find an extremely long workaround though that keeps the smoothness of the transition though.  But making the hover go to a new layer, and putting a donut around everything BUT the shape, that hides the layer when you mouseover the donut, it does the smooth transition without the glitch.  But that was too much effort for this project.

Again, thanks you guys for your help and time!

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