Restore on Mouse Leave not Working

Apr 19, 2018

Problem: "Restore on Mouse Leave" not working.

I have hot spots over two shapes of different sizes and colors in the exact same location.

Hovering over the hot spot removes one of the shapes so it appears that the color changes. I figured"Restore on Mouse Leave" would restore the shape that disappeared, reverting it back to that shape/color, but it simply remains with the new shape.

There is also a second action for each hot spot: Clicking on the hot spot goes into a layer.


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William Hirsch

Hi Patrick!

It's a little hard to tell whats going on from the screenshots.  If the hotspot which you're mousing over is smaller than the area being covered by the top shape, then make sure it is in front of all other objects.  Another possibility is that there are other triggers with conflicting reactions.  Again, this may not be the issue but we can get a better look if you're able to provide the file in question - or at least copy the slide into a new story so the one slide can be shared without revealing the rest of your work.  

I've recreated a situation that I think is similar to what your'e describing, but feel free to clarify so we can keep digging.


Walt Hamilton

If what you want is for a shape to change shape and color when the user hovers over it, copy the second shape, edit the states of the first shape, and create a shape Named Hover. Delete the first shape from the hover state, and paste the second. Then throw away the second shape, both hotspots, and all your triggers. When you hover over the shape, it will change, and it will automatically restore. Add the trigger for the action you want when it is clicked, and Bob's your uncle.  Hotspots are really useful for quizzes, but almost always redundant for single objects, because all objects can receive all the triggers.

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