Restrict click on video

Aug 31, 2018

Hi everybody. In some learning developments, we are working with two .story files:

The first contain the main project.

The second we use to create some video scenes to animate avatars with audio. We publish the slides individually  and after that we placed videos on the main project. The purpose is to control the video with the navigation buttons, instead of controlling the avatars individually with them.

But we have a problem. When we click on the video that we have placed on the slide, this video stops, but the other elements of the slide are still moving and there is an audio gap (the audio is placed in the main project because the videos are placed without audio, because when exporting on video they reduce quality versus original audios).

Is there a way that with a trigger you can block the video on the slide to not click?

I  am enclosing a part of the story project so that it can be examined in case someone has a solution that can help us.

Thanks a lot.

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