Restricted Nav at a Topic Level?

Mar 28, 2019

I'm working on a course conversion where in the current module the users can choose any topic but must move linearly through that topic to the end to reach completion.

The module main/home screen has buttons for an: Intro, 4 lessons and a Conclusion.

When all 4 lessons are completed, the inactive link to the Conclusion/Final quiz is enabled.

One of the changes for the new version is to add the Modern player with TOC, but the TOC isn't working as hoped.  The Restricted setting only goes from the top to the bottom.  So if they try to use the TOC, they'd have to take the 1st topic all the way through, then the 2nd then the 3rd.

Is there some way a "Restricted" TOC can be configured to work at a chapter by chapter level?   

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi J!

As you mentioned, the player menu restricted navigation requires the learner to complete the course from top to bottom. It doesn't allow the learner to skip ahead to a scene and complete the scenes out of order.

You may want to look at designing your own menu/table of contents instead of using the one in the player. That way, you can have full control over how you restrict the navigation.

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