Restricting navigation in Articulate Storyline 2

Aug 24, 2016

What is the easiest way to do this in Articulate storyline 2?  Restrict navigation (preventing the student from clicking to the next layer until the audio for the present layer as completed) and not being able to advance to the next screen until the learner clicks on all the layers and listens to all the audio? Also, there should be a pop up box in case a student does try to hit the next button? thanks so much! anna

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Joseph Ferraro

Just to throw out another suggestion, instead of disabling the next button, I'm a fan of just creating a true/false variable that has to be met in order to proceed. 

This allows you to do stuff like have a layer pop-up when they click next (and shouldn't be able to proceed yet), with instructions on what they need to do/accomplish.

It's better for more complex slides that act as a sort of "hub" to others when you want to keep things clean on the menu and make it feel more like a game.

Joseph Ferraro

Check out the attached ad hoc example for specifics on the triggers you'll want to use for that sort of experience. Hope it's helpful!

This is a good place to start on variables by the way, they are so awesome once you get used to how they are implemented in SL2:


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