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Apr 22, 2014

We are being encouraged to use disbility features including providing opportunities for people who cannot use a mouse.

I have a drag and drop activity I added to my course. To allow for users who can't use a mouse I added a link on the page to an alternative 2 slides which they can select which are applicable for each. I gave the drag and drop 10 marks and and 2 quiz slides 5 points. Currently that is the only quiz questions, but there will be others later.

They both link to the same slide after the quiz questions.

I selected all the questions to be used in the storyline and set the pass mark at 50%.

The only problem is on the results slide, I don't want them to see 50%, I want them to see 100% as they have both completed with 100% but through different pathways.

How can I do this?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Julie! I've attached a quick example. Here is what I did: 

1. Create a numeric variable named "MyScore"

2. Added two triggers on the results slide: 

     - one that sets the value of "MyScore" equal to the value of the built-in quiz score variable "Results.ScorePercent"

     - one that multiplies "MyScore" by 2

Does that do what you want it to? 

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