Results from a quiz question to LMS reports

Nov 30, 2015

I have a single questions (really survey question around Disability status) which I ahve tried as a survey or as a multiple choice question. In the past, with quizzes I can always run a report in our LMS (PoepleFluent) which gives me the name of the person and how they answered the question. That is not happening with this single question.  I have crafted it to look like other quiz questions. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks,


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Diane Dauble

No I don't have a results slide and I wondered if that was the issue. There are 3 choices No, I don't have a disability; Yes, I have or have had a disability and I don't wish to answer. I was using a Multiple Choice - 1 answer. Should I use something else? Or, if I were to use the Survey option is there a way to get results?


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