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Nov 18, 2014

I have added a results page,but I dont know how to manipulate or edit the slide. It is just the basic results page, and I want it to show the users score and the result. User must get 80 percent. I cannot get it to show the score, and therefore cannot get the proper result. It looks like there could be a formula in the text box, but I have no idea how to get it to add the score. i have 8 simple questions, even I can answer, and when i purposefully got them all wrong I still passed. I am a genius!

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pryce wood

So I watched the tutorial, but it did not really solve my problem. My quiz has questions throughout the course, and at the end is the results page. I have all the quiz questions selected and have them selected to calculate results.
I think the problem lies in the layer possibly. It also does not seem to be adding the correct ones up. No matter what i do I pass the course. I cannot get it to say my actual result. In the tutorial video, it just did it automatically.
For my slide triggers, it says show layer “success” when timeline starts "if unassigned is greater than or equal to unassigned”. I’m thinking there needs to be some assignments added but i don’t know how.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Pryce - the success and failure layers need to have these triggers.  The On Condition section shows what it needs to say for Success.  For failure that will be less than.  Your variable Resultsx.ScorePoints where x is the number of result slides you have so if you only have one there won't be a number there (or it may say 1) - hope this makes sense

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