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Nov 29, 2018


I'm building a scenario based learning assignment and having some difficulty with the results slide. I'd really like there to be a results slide for people who score 100%, a different results slide for people who score 33-99% and a third results slide for someone who scores <33%. I've got all my questions set up with point values and selected to be tallied on the results slide, but I can't seem to get the slide to format with different text based on the score they received. Is this even possible? Perhaps through variable or layers? Any advice is appreciated. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Emily.  You're on the right path with variables and layers!  By default, the results slide will show either a success or a failure layer based on the value of the score variables.  Check out the triggers in your results slide, and you'll see what I mean:

If you create your own layers, modify those triggers to include conditions that cover the range of values you'd have for each layer.

Feel free to work something up and share here for more help!

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