Results slide deforms player!

Aug 22, 2012

Okay, this is a really irritating problem that is going to spoil my fun considerably as I am very aesthetically driven!

I am working on a project at the moment where the player is totally stripped down to a thin border around the slide.  All navigation is handled via in-slide icons and markers with triggers.

My perfectly symmetrical, happy slide and player looks like this:

Later in the module I have been building a quiz and I just dropped in a results slide to test things, previewed it and WHAT!!!

My player now has the top bar of the border extended by 10 or 20 pixels, shaving the top off of content/icons etc and looking horrible!  Even deleting the results page does not correct the problem.

Thankfully I tested before I saved it as there is already 20 hours of work in this module and starting again from scratch would have been a bit painful!

So, any ideas?  What is causing this to happen and how can I get around it without having to redesign the look and feel of the whole thing?



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David Anderson

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sending over your files. I see what's going on and could resolve the issue--sort of 

Something with your current player customization is adding the "course title" to your player, even though you've deselected the option. I created new players and applied previous players I created and all work as you'd expect.

I just emailed you a link to an updated version using one of my players so you can see how it should display.


Recreate a custom player using the same settings you've created. That worked for me--although I didn't match the same colors you used.


Submit a case so the dev team can look at your files. You can use the same link you sent me in email and reference this thread. The issue appears to be with the player "title" space being retained even when the Title is deselected.

So, on a different note... I really liked your course design. Nice use of transitions and pacing to keep the story moving. 

Mike Walters

Hi David,

Thanks for all your help on this.  Sadly the updated version, plus any new player I've created since is having the same effect on this project or any other I apply it to :(

I will submit a case to the dev team.  I can see what you mean about the title space, it is this that is being reintroduced by the results slide, even though I have it switched off in the player settings.



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