Help with classic player

Jan 06, 2021

Hi - I have been using the classic player and colors for a client project for several years without a problem.  I noticed today after publishing the content, that there is a faint line wrapping around the inside of the player border.  This is a problem, given that the player border should look seamless with the custom navigation bar I created just above the bottom portion (they are the same color). 

Any idea what's happening with the player or what I need to do to remove the border/line?  I've attached an image below to illustrate. . . .  

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Math Notermans

What browser are you testing because in Chrome its fine.

As in fact in IE, Firefox and Edge.... mmm.
Published on Review too...but its fine there too...

Adding my testproject so you can see yourself. Not sure what you are doing differently.
Only thing i can think of is that you shouldnot set it on your first page, because '#frame' is not available there.. but hard to tell without seeing the complete project. Do check your console to see if you get error-messages.