Results Slide - LMS Tracking

If a results slide is 'hidden' (put in a separate scene, but not routed to for viewing), will it still work when used for tracking completion in the LMS?  I want to make the 'Exit Course' button the last button clicked on my eLearning.  I also want the button to be to correct answer in the 'Pick One' quiz from the free form option.

That means I have a results slide on the story board view.  I just don't want the learner to see it or be able to route to it since the "Exit Course' button is on the last slide and by clicking it should show learner completion of the module in the LMS tracking and reporting.

Please advise. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kim,

You could be a little ...dare I say it.. sneaky :)

There's a couple of ways you could do this, but personally, I would mirror the content on the final slide that has the "Exit Course" button. Place that content on your results slide and move any of the other content off the slide itself and into the "empty" developer space. 

Have the "Exit Course" button jump to the results slide and have the results slide close the course when the timeline starts, after the submit results trigger fires. 

Just a thought!