Results slide not tracking completion

Need help! I have a course that went live today and I am receiving several emails that the results slide is not tracking.  The course has a logo that links to 3 slides, once the leaner reviews all the content on the 3 slides, they have to complete a simple t/f question and they are sent the Results slide.  Nothing fancy, but it is not training completion. All of our employees can't follow through until this course is tracked as complete.  The course is attached. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stephanie! 

Looks like you have the reporting set for the correct Results Slide as you mentioned, but you have the passing score set at 80%. If the user is only being presented with 1/3 questions, then they can only get as good as 33.3% and will never reach the 80% pass mark. Similar thread here if you'd like to take a look.

Stephanie  Nesbitt


I've gone back through the course and it's still not tracking completion for users. I also read the post that you linked above and I think it is a much more complex issue than I have here. For instance, the Monthly Performance Review course, I removed the multiple results slides and now only have the 3 questions and depending upon the logo the employee selects will branch them to one of the 3 T/F quizzes.  With this being the case, it appears that I would need to calculate the points for each quiz to equal 100, but that can't happen because each employee is only taking one of the courses based on their specific division.  So do I set the points to 100 if the employee chooses the correct score and maybe set the incorrect points to a lower point value?  SInce this particular course is a T/F question then there is no need for a 'try again' option. I so confused and have a ton of calls coming in about this issue and any help would be greatly appreciated. I've uploaded the new course.