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Jul 03, 2019

Can you send more than one result slide to a LMS? I have a question at the end of each chapter that I want to show completion of the question along with the final test completion to the LMS. Currently the learner needs to complete the final test with a 80% to show completion of the course. This part would stay the same but I would also like to show that they have completed chapter questions as they move along. This would show progression through the course if they don't finish it all in one setting. Thank you

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Leisa,

According to this Storyline 360: Adding Result Slides, and Storyline: Track Multiple SCOs in the Same Course, you can have more than one results slide in your course, and combine them in a master results slide that can be sent to your LMS. You won't see the question/answer detail, just the overall completed  score.

I hope this workaround posted by Kelly Taylor would help you, it is in her reply from this thread:


Hazel Bartolome
Leisa Logan

Thank you for the information. Just a clarifying question- So I can send results to the lms at the end of each chapter and at the end of the course with the course completion results? If I have two chapters and a final test, I want to be able to send chapter 1 results as soon as they complete that chapter (and leave course as incomplete) and then if they come back in later to complete the course, send the results for chapter 2 quiz when they complete that chapter and then finally the final test results.  So a learner could be in and out of the course and so you see progress through the chapters and then finally the final test result. Is this possible?

Hazel Bartolome

You are most welcome. Only the overall course completion results will be sent to the LMS. You cannot send multiple results.

If you want to send multiple results then the unsupported workaround that is in the link from my first response would help you achieve that. 

I hope this helps you!