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Crystal Horn

Hey TC.  Just in case you meant that the Email trigger is not working at all for you, this article addresses some reasons around the inconsistency you might see with that trigger, including email client setups and browser security restrictions.  An alternate idea is discussed further here, too.

I hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandra,

We're always open to considering new features and changing a behavior, but since this is a feature that is often handled by an LMS, I haven't heard of any plans to implement this. 

Happy to pass along more insight and guidance on how this would help you and your learners, to our team! If you want to share here, feel free or provide details through a feature request!

Sandra Lowe

Thanks for your reply.  Our LMS only saves the user's answers if we publish SCORM 2004 but it can't interact with the user to provide it to the user.  SL has the print results feature built in so that's why I was hoping for the next level so users could do something with that data when it pops up other than print.  While some may know the can right click and save as an .html doc, most will be looking for a save as or download button.  I may write up the formal feature request as you suggest as it seems like a natural next step to offer a save as step since the data I displayed when they select print results.  Again, thanks for the reply.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Really helpful insight, Sandra and I saw you and Matthew were discussing it here too. 

It's a good reminder for us as well, that some learners may not be as tech-savvy and know the quick ways to print or download that screen. We'll keep you posted here if anything changes, and I'd love for you to fill out the official form too if you have a chance.