Resume data versus upgrading courses to Storyline 360

Apr 11, 2019

Recently, we decided to upgrade our courses that worked perfectly fine from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 (SCORM 1.2 for moodle, HTML5). 

Once we republished the modules, we noticed that while users who previously accessed (but not completed) the module are being sent to the last page they visited, they are unable to load content on any other page they navigate to.

Question 1: Did anyone experience a similar issue?

Question 2: Can anyone explain how does resume data / bookmarking work from the technical perspective?   

Question 3: Is resume data / bookmarking expected to change when a module

3a) is republished without any changes to the .story project and same Storyline version

3b) upgraded from S2 to S360?   

3c) when content changes?

Many thanks in advance for any information.

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