Resume in Quiz as HTML5 Goes Into Quiz Review Mode

I'm trying to help a client with an issue and I'm a bit stumped.

She has a course that is essentially just a quiz.  It's been published with SL2 Update 4.

It's set up and being launched from the Totara (Moodle) LMS as SCORM 1.2.  The course has resume turned on (learner choice to resume or not).

When viewing the quiz as HTML5 with my iPad4 or Nexus 9 Android tablet, I can start the quiz just fine.  However, if I exit the quiz halfway through (on a question without answering it) and then re-launch the quiz to finish taking the quiz, I get correctly prompted to resume where I left out.

If I choose to resume where I left off, I get returned to the question I exited from.  However, the quiz is in review mode, it says I answered the question incorrectly, and I cannot answer it.

The same behavior does not happen when viewing the course as Flash.

When I try to duplicate the behavior in one of my own test quizzes as HTML5 SCORM 1.2, I do not see the problem on my iPad or Android tablet.

Any ideas what might be happening in the client's course?  I'm scratching my head on this one . . .



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Dan Marsden

Moodle will enter the same attempt into "review" mode if the previous attempt has a lesson_status of "completed", "passed", or "failed" - something is setting your users attempt to one of those status when it should probably be still set as "incomplete" - others might have feedback on what you need to do to fix this within your package.

Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Dan! :)

Curious thing for me is why this happens only in HTML5 mode.  Flash mode works fine.

And also why does my quiz works fine?

If you re-launch the quiz and choose not to resume, you can then take the quiz again from the start and if you pass, the completion will get recorded.

The client did say the course was first in SL1 and she recently imported into SL2.  Wonder if something in the import went awry . . . ???

Randall Skeen

We have confirmed/duplicated this issue. With the addition that when/if the course is restarted prior to the quiz due to crash or closing the course. This is occurs on both Android and iPads not in courses played with Flash. We have tested multiple publishing settings and confirmed this also  occurs on SCORM Cloud.


Also if the error occurs, when the user resumes the course even in a browser with Flash the error recurs.

Publish Settings:
• Include HTML5 - On
• Use ArticulateMobile Player - Off
• LMS: SCORM 1.2
• Tracking by both Results slides and number of slides completed
• LMS Reporting: Passed /Incomplete (Have tested all other settings)
Player settings:
• Seekbar: Allow
• Launch Player in new Window : Off (have tested with turned on)
• Resume on Restart: Prompt to Resume & When running in LMS, ignore Flash Cookie: On
(Have tested every combination of this setting)


Josh Lowry

Hi Ashley, We too are experiencing this issue as are our clients. I understand you're working on a solution but is it possible to provide any additional info regarding a time frame? Given that HTML5 support is a central feature of Storyline 2, the inability to close and then resume an HTML5 course without generating a critical course failure in the quiz is a significant issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josh,

I wish I had more information to offer, but at this time I don't have a timeframe or timeline to share in regards to the fix for this issue. I certainly understand the critical nature and so does our QA team - so we continue to communicate the information from the community with the team to keep them posted. 

Ashley Schwartau

This is still happening to us, in our Moodle-based LMS, with the latest release of Storyline 2. If a user leaves the course after failing the quiz, instead of taking them to the most recently viewed slide, it's taking them to the first or second question, which says INCORRECT, and they dont know to go back to the Results slide to hit "Retry Quiz." :( Any ideas?

Tom Dalgaard Petersen

I had the same problem, when running a course as HTML5 outside LMS, whith resume enabled.

I solved it through a fall back solution, so the user allways are returned to the main slide, when revisiting.

You have to make a global variable or a uniqe element,  in the HTML page, and a user var in SL. Here I call it jump

The script you have to put on every slide as a slide trigger is.:


var script = document.createElement('script'); = 'myElementId';

//You shall not include the line below in the main slide

var inlineScript = document.createTextNode("var player = GetPlayer();player.SetVar('jump',1);}");

//You shall not include the line above in the main slide




After that trigger, you put a trigger to test if jump is one (not on main slide). If so jump to main slide.

in the main slide you set jump to 0