Resume not always working

Dec 18, 2023

I have a course set to Always Resume.  It isn't working consistently that way in The Ability LMS- sometimes it doesn't hold onto progress, sometimes it does. It is too big to test on SCORM cloud.  (I used the ftp feature but it still tells me it is too big after I get it on their ftp space.) Has anyone run into this or have suggestions?

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Anne Baker

1.2.  I was told that was what I needed to used but I will check why.

I stripped out content so I could see in ScormCloud what is being passed. For the RESUME function to be working right, what should I be looking for in the details (it did work but I am trying to understand what exactly it sends and pulls up to resume)



Phil Mayor

Stripping out content is not going to help test resume on scormcloud.  You can see the resume data being sent in Scormcloud and take that and do a character count. It will be the same resume data going to all LMSs. Some scorm 1.2 LMSs will allow more characters. IF resume is failing and it is scorm 1.2 and a big course it is likely because of the data limits. Check your target LMS will except scorm 2004, some don't.