Resume on restart not working

Sep 27, 2018


We've been following the knowledge base responses on this topic but don't seem to find solution to our issue.

Tried both "prompt on resume" and "always resume" options with no difference.

Big course, published in SCORM 2004 V4.

Is this a suspended data limit issue or something else? How can we troubleshoot?


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Andrew Ferguson

Thanks for the input all. It ended up being a known issue with Storyline an how it works with our LMS. We had to post it as a Web course and couldn't put it through the LMS. The cookies in the users web browser now monitors the return recognition. Don't know all the technical details of how our IT people fixed it but got it to work.

George Hayman

Hi all, I just submitted a case like this.

I have two very large courses and have tried everything.  It does not ask to resume nor resume if set to resume... different browsers, different players, different course tracking options, different scorm modes.... always in HTML5 because that's our mandate now.

It's taken soooo much time... any other thoughts?




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