Resume to save state doesn't working in Question bank

Hi Everybody,

I have to create question bank and my result slide having two attempts.Question bank having 15 slides,the problem is i have to attend first three question and go to first slide of another scene using menu and again have to attend first four question and go to first slide of another scene again i can attend the assessment. But i want to attend two times only, after second attempts i want to restrict the assessment, the user will didn't attend any questions.

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Greg Faust

Hello, Prakash,

I'm not sure I'm following the logic you want. I remember dealing with limiting quiz retries in this thread. 

When you say the user jumps to another scene after answering three questions, do you just mean that the user has *freedom* to leave and come back to the quiz? In other words, the user can leave a question and come back to it freely, but they only get to *submit* the quiz twice?

If that is the desired outcome, then you want to go into player properties for each quiz slide. Enable the "Next" and "Prev" buttons; disable the "Submit" button. (You can do this to many slides at once in Story View). Then, ALL your slides will "submit" at the same time when the user gets to the "Results" page.

Using the information in the linked thread, then, you should be able to limit how many times the user can use the "Results" slide to submit/retry the quiz.

Does this help? Again, I'm not 100% sure what you're looking for.