Resuming HTML5 course always starts on first page

Mar 10, 2015


resuming a Storyline HTML5 course in our LMS always starts on the first page in the course. We've tried both 'Prompt to resume' and 'Always resume'. We've ensured that we use the 'Disable Flash cookie' option since our LMS supports bookmarking. We've inspected and compared SCORM communications between the Flash and HTML5 courses looking for differences and oddities (We've noticed that the cmi.location SCORM bookmarking field is not affected neither in Flash nor HTML5 but take it that it is being handling via cmi.suspend_data). We've also created a clean, simple course with next to no content as a point of reference to compare against other courses we've created - but to no avail.

What may we be missing?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Thomas Pilgaard Miller

Emily, Leslie,

thank you both very much for your replies. I have managed to resolve the issue which turned out to be entirely on our hands and had nothing to do with Storyline. We had inadverdently included a jQuery 1.10 library in a for a series of ajax calls that expected jQuery 1.3 API style callbacks.

I am happy to report that resuming our courses work across Flash and HTML5 versions and on both our mobile and desktop LMS versions.

It is perhaps worth noting that what led me on track was to enable SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH in lms/Configuration.js. This revealed differences when comparing HTML5 against Flash SCORM tracking. Differences in results of the SCORM API getValue() method quickly led to pinpointing the issue.

Again - thanks very much for your time and effort.

Best regards,


Jaspal Singh

Hello Everyone

I do not understand some of the technical details shared by Thomas so I was hoping for some clarification.

I uploaded to Scorm Cloud and the bookmarking worked as designed. I was asked if I wanted to to continue where I left off. If I select "No" then it would take me back to the beginning of the course.

However, the same scorm file uploaded to my company LMS (Pathlore v 6.11) is not allowing the bookmarking to work. Everytime the course is launched, it starts from the beginning.

Can you help me ask the right questions to the Pathlore support team to figure this out?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jaspal and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know that it is working as intended within SCORM Cloud. That means you are headed in the right direction to look to your LMS.

Based on Thomas's response above, I thought this article may assist you in getting started if you were looking for that output file. This is not something I can assist with and I hope that your fellow community members will chime in with advice and help here.

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