Retake Button in SL 360 Not Letting User Retake questions

Hi there, I have multiple 10 question quizzes each with a retake button.  The retake button takes the user back to the beginning but they cannot select any answers.  I have built quizzes before without issues.  After looking at your online resources, I still cannot find a solution.  I will attach the file.  Could someone please help resolve this for me?

Thank you!  Maribeth Radtke, 

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Steve Hazelton

I was having trouble with the questions resetting when someone retook the quiz after reviewing their results. I found that it took a combination of the "automatically decide" and a trigger on the Results slide's Retake button to reset the results (see attachments). In this screen shot I had added the condition to only retake the questions they got wrong. FYI I am in 360 - not sure about the Reset Results trigger in other versions.