Retaking quiz/questions after failing quiz and reviewing content

Jan 13, 2016

Hi there,

I am setting up some questions where I want the learner to take, let's say, 3 questions based on the content they have just viewed. If they get any of the questions wrong, they have to go back and view the content again and then take the quiz again. I have it set up so that they go through the content, take the quiz (using a question bank), go back to the content if they get anything wrong and then take the quiz again. But when they get to the quiz for the second time, it won't let me choose an option - it is like they options have been disabled. I set the attempts section to unlimited so can't understand why it won't let me answer the questions again. Is it because I have taken them out of the quiz to another slide and then back to the same quiz? 

I'd really appreciate some help with this!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Moia!

You can choose the items you want to display and the features you want to enable on your result slide.

  • Allow user to retry quiz: This adds a Retry Quiz button to your result slide, which gives learners an unlimited number of attempts to retake the quiz. (To limit the number of quiz attempts, see this tutorial.