Return to same question from Random Question Bank

Feb 23, 2021


I am testing the options to create a module where users simply progress through the module by answering questions. If they get the question correct, they go to the next question. If they get it incorrect, the watch a video, then they go back to take the question again.

However, each Quiz slide has a question pulled from a bank of 4. The 4 questions are randomly pulled. When the user gets the answer of this random question wrong, the Continue button takes them to a video slide. However, after watching the video I want them to go back and attempt the same question again. Is this possible?

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Phil Mayor

Instead of using a bank you could use a random number between 1 and 4 and jump using a condition on that random number then jump back using the same condition.

May be a lot of work depending on how many questions you have.

The other option is that the initial question is a bank and this sets a variable value between 1 and 4 and then it jumps to video when returning it really jumps to different questions on a condition based off the variable value. All probably more work than you want to do.