Retry Incorrect Questions issue

I'm trying the new "Retry Incorrect Questions" function and there seems to be an issue. I have a ten question test. If I answer questions 1 thru 9 correctly, my results page states I scored a 90, which is correct. If I select the "retake Test" button which has the "Reset only incorrect questions" radio button selected, It takes me to the Question #1, which I had gotten correct, and then to the question I got wrong. I tried different scenarios of answering questions, but it always shows Question #1 which I always selected correctly.

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Gareth Clarke

Hi all,

I'm experiencing the same problem as above but already have 'Automatically Decide' selected on slide properties. I've tried every possible permutation of correct and incorrect responses on the attached test file but it seems to show correct answers on Retry seemingly at random.

I'd be extremely grateful of any insight.

Many thanks,

Gareth Clarke

I've managed to resolve the issue by adding a Submit Interaction trigger to the next button. However, a new problem has emerged:

When I preview the scene, all works as intended (albeit having to double click the next button, an issue I've noted elsewhere on the forum). However, when I preview the entire project or publish, the next buttons no longer work.

I've tried various ways to solve this such as having the question slides pause, resume and automatically advance which works for progressing through the Question Bank but mucks up the Review feature as all slides when reviewed just skip to the last question.

Again, any help would be gratefully received.


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Gareth,

I had a look at your updated file, and I'm seeing the same thing you're seeing. That's definitely odd! I don't see anything in your file that would prevent the custom next button from working.

I'd like to have Jose take a closer look at this, and hopefully he can find the culprit. He's a rockstar at solving these kinds of mysteries!

I'll reach out to him for you, and you'll hear back from him soon.