Retry quiz and only reset incorrect questions: a question

Jan 22, 2021

Hi all, happy Friday! I have a 10-question quiz, and have the results slide set to reset only the incorrect questions. Then I have a Retry Quiz button that jumps to the first question in the quiz when the user clicks. If the user got the first question correct, the first question (correct layer) will flash before jumping to the first missed question. Is there a way to eliminate this quick showing of the first question if it was answered correctly? 

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Christian Halili

Hi, Lindsey,

To retry only the questions the user got wrong, double-click the Reset results trigger in the Triggers panel and mark the box to Reset only incorrect questions as well, as shown below:

If you already have this enabled and it still doesn't work as designed, you can attach your .story file here. I'll be happy to take a closer look at it.

I hope this helps!