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I have created a file where the learner follows a pathway depending on the type of job they do.  They select their job type and move to a contents page.  All learners follows the same chapter 1 and should then return to the contents page that they initially selected (which depended on which job type they clicked).  Not sure how to return all learners to the content page they originally came from using a trigger?

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Walt Hamilton

Triggers on job selection page:

Adjust variable JobType(numeric) to 1 when user clicks jobOneObject

Jump to Chapter1 slide when user clicks jobOneObject

Adjust variable JobType(numeric) to 2 when user clicks jobTwoObject,

Jump to Chapter1 slide when user clicks jobTwoObject  


Triggers at the end of Chapter one:

Jump to SpecialContentsPageForJobOne when user clicks object ImDone if variable jobType = 1

Jump to SpecialContentsPageForJobTwo when user clicks object ImDone  if variable jobType = 2