Return to beginning of scene (not last slide visited) in LMS


I'm trying to create a template for some compliance courses I'm building. In this template, the course must time out after a certain period of user inactivity, and upon return (in the LMS), go to the beginning of the scene/section that the user had been viewing, but NOT back to the slide where they left off.

I think I've figured out the time out part by using a count-up counter on the slide master. The part I'm struggling with is making it return to the beginning of the scene/section, and not the last slide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

I'm afraid there really isn't a way to resume at a specific point, other than the point where the learner exits the course, or where it was forced to close. Either way, the resume function (both with LMS and Flash) will always go back to the last slide the user was viewing.

One I idea I had.. now don't laugh.. is that maybe your timer could trigger a layer or a lightbox (the lightbox might work even better since the timer's on the master) and have a variable for each scene, maybe when it completes. If that layer or lightbox is displayed when the learner returns to the project, you could provide a "Continue" button or some statement saying they need to start a section over. 

Personally, I would suggest a number variable, one for each section. With a few conditions and triggers, you might be able to get users back to the scene. 

Just tossing the idea out there :) I haven't tested this out, but thought maybe this or something similar would be an option for you. 

I'd love to see some additional ideas!