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Good morning everybody

I've build a quiz in Storyline and provided the result slide with the possibility to review the quiz ("review quiz" button). Problem is, when reviewing the quiz, the slides show a green (for correct) or a red (for incorrect) ribbon on the lower edge of the screen to emphasize the quality of the answers.

Unfortunately I have all my other buttons (exit, menu, next etc.) down there. When reviewing the quiz these buttons are covered by the above mentioned ribbons.

Any ideas where I can manipulate the coloured ribbons? I'd like to move them up a bit to unveil my buttons again.

Thanks in advance for your assistance


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen and welcome to Heroes!

Unfortunately these banners cannot be adjusted in terms of their size, location or color. It has been a popular feature request to allow them to be accessible, so you're welcome to share your thoughts here as well.

A few users have also discussed methods on how to "hide" them such as the example in this thread.

Feel free to let us know if you need anything else!