Review Quiz button problems!

Oct 01, 2019

Hi there,

I have a 5 question quiz and I have created my own Invalid Answer layer on the questions triggered by a Submit button.

Then I have a review quiz button on the results page and it does go back to the first question and shows the answer given and the correct answer which is fine. But the submit button seems to still be active in the review and is wanting me to select an answer or I get the invalid answer pop up I created.

What I somehow need is a new button to appear while in review to be a next button that will take me to the next reivewed question.

Is there a way to do this?


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Kelly Sheehan

Thanks Matthew for that link.

I am very close to having my question problems sorted now but still have a problem. So I also have a retake quiz button as well.  Now I have attached a file with my questions, as you can see I nearly have everything working but the next button isn't appearing when I have clicked the review quiz button.

What have I got wrong as it is driving me crazy lol!

Matt Quiban

Hi Kelly,

Took a quick look at your story and there is a bit of tweaking needed to your trigger setup:

So what I did was

A) Removed the condition on the Next button's "Hidden" trigger because it should be the initial state of the button when the timeline/story starts

B) Reordered the triggers such that the "Hidden" trigger is at the top

These changes should make sure that the Next button is seen when you review your quiz.

Kelly Sheehan

Thanks for the help Matthew.

I was also wondering if it's possible to get the review quiz button to only appear after the retake quiz button is clicked 3 times? 

I have the retake_quiz variable which I have changed to a number and I have set a trigger on the retake quiz button to add 1 to the retake_quiz variable when clicked. And I have a layer with the review quiz button. But when I have tried going through the questions and clicking the retake quiz button 3 times the review quiz button doesn't appear? 

Kelly Sheehan

Hi Matthew,

I am so close to having it! So it works when I select the Review Quiz button and then when I return to the results slide I then click the Retake Quiz button.

What isn't working is when I select the Retake Quiz button and then when returning to the results slide selecting the Review Quiz button. I have the Submit button and no Next button showing on question 1 after selecting Review Quiz button.

I have attached a story file so you can see what I mean.

Matt Quiban

Hi Kelly,

Sorry for not getting back on this sooner. Before I make a suggestion, I think it's best if I show you what happens with the variables in your project as you go through specific actions:

Your trigger conditions for the question 1 slide (take note: Storyline will go through these conditions one-by-one starting from the top):

1. If Review_Quiz = True AND Retake_Quiz = FALSE, show "NEXT"
2. If Review_Quiz = True AND Retake_Quiz = FALSE, hide "SUBMIT"
3. If Retake_Quiz = True, hide "NEXT"
4. If Retake_Quiz = True, show "SUBMIT"

Your variable triggers when Retake Quiz Button is clicked:

1. Set Retake_Quiz = TRUE

Your variable triggers when Review Quiz is clicked:

2. Set Review_Quiz = TRUE

Your actions:

1. Initial state of variables when starting the quiz: Retake_Quiz = FALSE, Review_Quiz = FALSE

2. Click on Retake Quiz button: Retake_Quiz = TRUE, Review_Quiz = FALSE
- based on slide triggers on question 1, "SUBMIT" button will show

3. Click on Review Quiz button: Retake_Quiz = TRUE, Review_Quiz = TRUE
- because variables did not reset, and based on slide triggers on question 1, "SUBMIT" button will show

4. No matter what button you click from here, both variables will always be TRUE therefore when returning to the question slide, it will always show the "SUBMIT" button and hide "NEXT"


1. Add a variable trigger when either of the 2 buttons are clicked, for example, when the Review_Quiz is clicked, instead of just setting Review_Quiz = TRUE, add a trigger to set the Retake_Quiz variable to FALSE.

Hope this helps. 


Kelly Sheehan

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for explaining all of that, it answered one question I had. I didn't know if the results slide variables were reset when the slide appeared again or not.

So all that was needed was 2 triggers on the slide to set the review and retake variable to false when the slide started.  Easy when you know how lol.

Thanks for the help, my questions work perfectly now :)

Indrani Sen


I have an interesting problem which I have not seen before. My quiz works perfectly until the user clicks the 'review quiz' button.  For the 'Review' section, the 'correct' response shows as expected.  However, the 'next' or 'prev' button is not available which makes it difficult for the user to progress to the 'next' slide.  Any help will be awesome. 

At this point, I feel I am losing my mind.  Any help to fix this problem will be so very helpful.

I will be happy to send you the file at a secure spot.  Thanks, Indrani


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