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Sep 11, 2020

I have a client who requested the following:

  • On failure of a quiz, do not display the correct answer check mark
  • On passing a quiz, display the correct answer check mark

I only see an option to do one or the other in the review quiz options.  So I tried using two result slides for the same quiz.  This SEEMS to work. 

However, I have to check both results slides to insure the questions are selected before saving the file.  Sometimes the "Edit Results" reveals that no questions are selected (they mystically get unchecked???)

Any thoughts on this setup?


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Dave Cox

Hi Vic,

If you only display feedback when there is a correct answer, your participants are still going to know that they missed the question, so I'm not sure of purpose for doing this.

However, all you really need it really is pretty easy to do what your asking. All you have to do is go to the feedback master and hide the icon. You can see how I did it in the attached sample.

Victor Madison

Dave, thank you for the reply.  The problem is not on the "feedback" upon submitting an answer to each question.  We use the standard feedback that indicates correct or incorrect immediately upon submitting a selection.  This immediate feedback does not show the correct answer if the user selects the incorrect answer to a multiple choice question.  The issue is with the "review" of  the quiz where it displays the correct answer with a check mark beside the correct answer.

Victor Madison

RESOLVED this issue!  The previous method with two results slides often resulted in errors.  Storyline did not like two results slides for the same test and arbitrarily dropped questions from one of the results slides.  So, I resorted to a more simple solution with layers and overlays.

I used only one results slide and selected the check box for "show correct answers".  On the master slide layout for the questions, I used layers to cover or uncover the green check marks for the correct answer depending on whether you passed the test or failed.

You can see my solution in the attached DEMO (Storyline 3). 

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