Review Quiz does not show questions and choices they made

Dec 05, 2019


When students click on the "Review" button for the quiz, all they get is the layer of Correct or Incorrect. They can't actually see the question or choices, making the review pointless. The Quiz qestion slides are set to, When Revisiting, the default of Automatically Decide. I would think that would allow Storyline to know to show a proper review of the quiz. Do I need to do somthing else to make this review work?

Here is a link to a scene in the project: 

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Sean G

Ah, yesterday I disabled all hide layers on feedback layer on suggestion from Articulate support because there is a lag after each question being submitted and it going to the next slide. Articulate Support stated that this is not a bug but "The Hide layer triggers in the sublayers cause this delay as Storyline will first hide the sublayer, revealing the base layer, before executing the Jump to slide trigger. This is expected behavior, as when you create a question slide, this trigger is added by default."

So to get rid of the lag I did what was suggested and disabled the hide layer. I've just enabled the hide layer again and you can once again see the lag, plus, now the Reivew does not even work anymore ... 

Any other suggestions? I've attached a storyline. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sean

I tried a lot of things in your file and couldn't even get it to register any individual score per question, even changed feedback masters etc. I think your result slide might be corrupt

So I created a new project file, imported your question slides in and created a new (unformatted for your project) result slide and it appears to be working and registering the result and allowing review and displaying the question.  Yes, still a slight lag but I guess that might be the trade off for hiding the layer.

Anyway, hope this helps you troubleshoot - see Peek video

Sean G

Hi Wendy. Thanks for trying. Strange about the Result slide. I just deleted it and added it again and it was fine. However, after I did the below, it did it again ....

I figured out the lag issue. So there is a hierarchy of how Storyline executes the triggers. So I just moved up the  jump to slide above the hide layer and now there is no lag and you can still get the Review from quiz. Though I had to create a new result slide again because of the issue above.

Sean G

Students are able to review the quiz now. However there is still the lag after each question to the next question, which is what I originally set out to solve. I don't remember it being like this in Storyline 1 and 2 but I guess that is how the software is. It doesn’t look great. And there is some type of bug with the Result slide. If I make some changes it kicks off all the questions set to the result slide and I have to put them back on.

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