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Henrik Clausen

I have a somewhat related problem:

The Review as such works fine, but when I'm done browsing the quiz slides (there are 20 of them), the NEXT button doesn't close the review. Going all the way back with PREV works, but the more natural NEXT fails. This is keeping us from enabling the much-desired Review function.

Any clues?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Henrik,

Does your next button stop working once on the results slide, or earlier in the quiz? If it's on the results slide what is after that slide? Is it in a separate scene or the same scene? I've seen some similar issues with the next button being set to jump to the next slide when it's the last slide in a scene - so you could look at changing the trigger associated with that. 

Henrik Clausen

Thanks for your suggestions, Ashley. We largely don't use the next button, as users are being sent directly back to the main navigation slide after each of the 20 quiz slides. And it's disabled on the Results slide, as we have a button there "Exit and complete" that closes the lesson.

It sounds plausible that a disabled NEXT button could have a side effect here. I'll play around with it.

Amar Changela

Hi all, The review quiz function does not appear to be working on my Storyline file. It only allows me to view the first incorrect slide and then I am unable to move forward from this. I essentially want the learner to be able to review the quiz to see which questions they got incorrect but I do not want them to see what the correct answer is. Please can you let me know what I need to do to fix this issue. I've attached my Storyline file here for you to see.  Thanks

Niall Mackenzie

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone could help? I'm having issues with the review/print results button's on my results slide.

When I click the print results button absolutely nothing happens at all.

When I click on the review answers button it runs through every single questions of the quiz (Even ones I know I marked correctly) and appears to show them as being marked down as incorrect... it also seems to mark the correct answer with a green tick... Then when it goes full circle and I wind up back at my results page the course is marked as a second attempt...

All I want is a straight forward way for my intended users to be able to see where they have gone wrong before attempting the quiz again (Doesn't need to show them the correct answer).

I have been at this honestly for about 6 hours trying to figure out where I am going wrong and I am completely lost...

I'm not sure if it could be an issue with my LMS (Although I'm pretty sure it is within the course).

I have attached the Storyline file if anyone could have a quick look I would be extremely grateful.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Niall

first thing you can try changing is the quiz revisit properties to 'automatically decide' - having the revisit property set to 'reset to initial state' means that when the timeline starts on the review, the selected option this reset as if they were attempting it the first time - thus it registers as a incorrect answer. 

here is an example - I changed the revisit option for one question

you can see on the image on the left on review there is no selected item and on the right after changing the revisit option it is recording correctly.



The option to show the correct/incorrect responses is changed by selecting the 'edit result slides' option when you viewing the result slide in the editor.  Then click the options tab, and deselect the option.

Niall Mackenzie

Thank you so much Wendy, it's very much appreciated!

That seems to be everything working great with the review function now!

The only thing I still can't work out, is when a learner now reviews their answers, my LMS is recording this as an additional attempt at the quiz (Obviously for recording functionality this isn't ideal).

Not sure if this is due to a setting within my course or with my LMS... Any ideas?

Niall Mackenzie

I think I need to add a condition to the "Submit Results" trigger on the results slide to prevent the course from submitting results more than once... Not sure what condition it would be. Going to try "Submit results if Quiz Count is Less than 2" (Triggers aren't my strong point haha)


Wendy Farmer
Niall Mackenzie

The only thing I still can't work out, is when a learner now reviews their answers, my LMS is recording this as an additional attempt at the quiz (Obviously for recording functionality this isn't ideal).

Hi Niall

I don't understand how this can be happening.  When the user hits the result slide it is set to submit the results when the timeline starts, just because the user does a review shouldn't add anything additional.  I'm not sure why you have the condition on your submit results trigger. Try removing that.