Reviewing a quiz--allowing learners to change their answers


This is a great option, which I've added to a quiz. When I tested it, I found I wasn't able to change my responses during the review. Is there something I'm neglecting to do that would permit that?

I should add that the questions are drawn from a question bank, in case that might affect the outcome. I noticed that I wasn't able to have the 'Review' button link to the first question; the only option I had was to link to the Question Bank slide.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Allan,

I apologize, but maybe I'm not understanding this entirely. You're talking about the actual "Review" feature, correct? In the review feature, your learners will be shown what they chose and what was correct or incorrect. Now, you can add an option to "Retry" the quiz, if you want to give your learners the option to try it again. However, you may only want to show this if a user doesn't pass the quiz, as it may seem odd to have the option to retry if they've passed

If this isn't what you're trying to do, can you give me a little more information, please?


Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Christine.

I have the 'Review' feature in the quiz at the end, but wanted to try adding an option for people to go back, see what they'd answered, and make any necessary changes before submitting the results. That's what I was thinking I might be able to do using the approach in the link listed above.

Here's what's listed on the linked page:

Confirming That Users Are Ready to Submit Their Answers

You may want to ask your users to confirm that they've answered all the questions in a quiz before they proceed to the result slide, especially if you've configured the quiz to submit answers all at once.  Otherwise, if they leave any questions unanswered, the scoring will not be accurate on the result slide.

 It turned out that both options gave a similar result--showing what had been answered--but that the 'Review' feature showed what the correct response was.

Perhaps I don't need to give learners a chance to change their answers, as long as they can re-take the quiz if they didn't pass. I was persuaded to go down the 'check your answers before submitting' path based on this option being one with the LMS I'm using (Litmos), and I liked the flexibility it offered. That's what I thought I might achieve using the info on the linked page, but maybe it's the 'Retry' feature I need..

I didn't see a 'Retry' feature, and couldn't find one in a quick search I did. I'll have a closer look for that, and will see how it works.

Thanks again!


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Allan!

Not a problem, you can enable the "Retry" option for your quiz, if you'd like to give learners the option to retake the quiz. This way, they'll be able to make different choices, rather than just reviewing the choices they've already made.

Here's a tutorial on enabling this option. I'll also provide Jeanette's screencast here, for you:

Good luck with the project.